Family Adventures – Fishing in Highlands East

July 5, 2022

I spent an afternoon on a family adventure with the Ward family recently – they planned activities that they love to do together. They went fishing and bike riding, stopping to geocache along the way and finished the day off eating the fish they caught. As the afternoon unfolded, I found myself connected to a big part of their family life and history – brook trout fishing!

Instead of me talking about why they love it so much, here’s what they have to say:

Jason: “Fishing has meant different things to me over my lifetime. When I was a kid it was something I got to do with my dad, so it meant spending time with him. And now it’s something I get to do with my own kids. For my mom’s family, it was a way of providing food for the family. It’s nice that I still have that connection to it. That’s why I like brook trout fishing, because that’s what they did.”

Jack: “I like to eat fish. I like spending time with daddy. I like how far I can cast.”

Liam: “I like spending time with my family. I like seeing how accurate I can get my casts. I like being outdoors in a fun way. And I like after, eating the fish!”

Stephanie: “I don’t have much experience fishing, so I am always so impressed with how intuitive it seems for Jason, and now for our boys. And I’ve discovered so many delicious ways to eat fish! We often grow a big vegetable garden and I feel a sense of pride through the summer on the days when everything on our plates we’ve either grown or caught. It’s grounding to connect with nature in that way.

This is why I love documentary family photography so much. It’s a great way to tell meaningful stories about your favorite family adventure!

Looking to do your own fishing in the highlands?

Check out Outdoors Plus in Haliburton or Northern Rock Bait and Tackle in Minden for all your supplies. Click here – Ontario’s Learn to Fish website for more information about all things fishing.