Family Photography Cottage Sessions

March 8, 2023

Shouldn’t your Haliburton cottage getaway be a memory that you’ll remember forever? A week being present with your family, sitting on the dock having your morning coffee or having wonderful conversations over a bonfire at night. Reconnect with yourself, your family and nature – this is what cottage life is about, and I want to document it all!

Family photography cottage sessions are a perfect way to capture this amazing family time together. There are no expectations to dress the kids up, have perfect smiles or stand still. Messy, emotional or silly – real-life moments can still be picture perfect!

Photography packages start at 3 hours and up to a full day and provide an opportunity like no other. Tell the story of your cottage vacation through photos and have your family not just reminiscing, but reliving these happy moments again and again.

Recommended for families who:

  • - love spending time together
  • - go on epic adventures
  • - forget to take iPhone photos
  • - wish time could stand still

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The Process

Get in touch


Reach out if you're thinking of booking your own family cottage session. I'm here to help answer any of your questions and help you plan a session that is perfect for you! Follow the contact button below to fill in your details and I will be in touch with more information. We can then find a time to chat more about your session either by phone, zoom or over coffee.

Plan a session everyone will love


Every family is unique and has their own story to tell. We can plan a session that is perfect for every member of the family. A question I get most often is "what should we do?" - my response is always "what does your family love to do together?" This often sets the stage for an amazing opportunity to make wonderful memories. If you'd like more tips on planning your photography session follow this link:

Planning your family photography session

Spend time together


As a busy mom of busy children, I know the value of quality time with my family. Booking a week at a cottage with your family is a wonderful opportunity to be together. The next step is turning this wonderful time together into tangible memories you can enjoy for ages. And you never know, maybe it will inspire some extra family time in the future!

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