A Day-in-the-Life Family photography session in Minden, Ontario

January 12, 2023

One of the only certainties of life is that it changes. I saw a saying similar to this at the dinosaur museum in Alberta. Life is always changing, sometimes in an instant, sometimes over very long periods of time. Documentary family photography has truly been a gift to me, an opportunity to hold onto moments in time during the ever changing stages of life.

A big change was coming for Tine and her family – they were about to embark on a year long adventure across the country. What better way to be reminded of home than a day-in-the-life family photography session. Before our session I asked Tine to plan 1 or 2 activities that they like to do together as a family and then just go about their day as they normally would. First there was coffee (thank goodness for me!), play time, visits from family, a little Christmas decorating and the most fun part was getting messy while making homemade pizza, followed by bath and bedtime.

Real-life is far from boring. It can be messy and loud and yes, sometimes there are tears and foot prints in your pizza. But it’s beautiful and breathtaking and full of so much fun and love! It makes me so happy to share these wonderful memories of home with Tine and her family. During their year away or many years from now, I hope these photos bring them joy.