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  • My kids are growing up way to fast
  • Time is fleeting
  • I want to bottle up all my kids wonder and awe, personalities and curiosities
  • Family time is important to me
  • One day I will miss the running feet and squeals of joy, the loud and happy house
  • Our family loves to explore, play, adventure and go to bed with a smile on sun-kissed faces
Little kids feet during family photography session in Haliburton

Do any of these resonate with you?

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You’re probably familiar with candid photography, the photos that find people in a moment. The kind of photos that make you feel - the laugh, the embrace, the love. Documentary family photography is candid photography of your real-life. An opportunity for photos that transport you back to the moments and this time in your life.

Leave a legacy for the next generation, show them your real life with all that is unique to you. Documentary family photography is a perfect fit for the bittersweet types, those nostalgic by nature or for fabulous families. It is moment driven photography, no poses, no stress.

Consider this an opportunity to spend some much-needed family time together. Leave the matching outfits and bribes for smiles at home, or leave yourselves at home for that matter, I’ll come to you!

What Is documentary Family photography??

How it works:

Spend some family time together and consider me a close friend that gets to tag along for the ride. Documentary photography starts at 3-hour sessions to give time for everyone to feel comfortable with me and fully embrace the activity or routine that I’m there to document. Looking for longer sessions to document your day? No problem, I have half day or full day packages available too! Stick to your routine (trust me, it’s not boring) or activities your family loves to really tell the stories that are authentically you.

family of three with a baby playing in a pool during family photography session in uxbridge
little kids eating watermelon family cottage photography session in haliburton

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2 hours, a full day, or whatever suits you best. Let's connect and find a session that is just right for you.

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dad brushing child's teeth and mom smiling at them in the mirror during a real life photography session in ontario
a beagle looking at a baby eating in a highchair during a cottage family photography session in Haliburton

Do you love morning snuggles in bed? Spending lots of time at the cottage? Playtime outside? Bedtime stories? The world is your oyster. Do what you love to do and I'll be there to make tangible memories of it all


Don't leave your images on the cloud. My work isn't done until you have photographs in your hands and in your home. Discover albums and gallery wall options to share these memories for years to come.