Candra and Kyle’s Eagle View Wedding in Haliburton, Ontario

November 17, 2022

Let me share with you Candra and Kyle’s wedding from September at the top of Eagle View in Eagle Lake, Ontario. One of the many amazing wedding venues in the Haliburton area. I used to think that weddings would be terrifying to photograph. Could I handle the pressure of capturing all the important moments, the moments that we can’t go back and replay over again? How could I possibly become a wedding photographer? Little did I know, the more weddings I photograph, the more I fall in love with the carefully planned days and even better yet, the not planned at all moments.

Each wedding day tells a story of love, bringing together family and friends to celebrate a day that is truly unique to each couple. As the memories fade we turn to the photographs. These photos will last a lifetime – longer still. I long to create these lasting memories to pass down through the generations. They’re not just memories of the dress, the venue and first kiss, they’re memories of the feelings, the emotions, the people.

Press play below and come along on a journey of Candra and Kyle’s wedding day!

If you’re unsure where to start planning your wedding day, firstly, ask yourself how you want it to feel. The rest often comes naturally. Also, don’t forget to choose a wedding photographer based on how you want your memories to be captured. I would love to chat more about your wedding day, get in touch below!

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