Planning your Wedding: Event and Tent Rentals

March 30, 2023

Whether you’re dreaming of a lakeside, forest, field or backyard wedding, there a few big and small things you’ll need to when planning your wedding. Of course your budget, resources and supports all need to be taken into consideration when deciding what to do yourself and when to hire the professionals. The thing is, with a little creativity and a vision, you can plan a wedding like no other – a truly unique day.

To help get you started, I have put together a list of the items you may need for your wedding from tents to spoons and everything in between. Check back later for another post on other wedding vendors in the area.

Wedding Item Check-list

1. Tents big and small

2. Alter and aisle

3. Dance floor

4. Dining tables, Cocktail tables, Serving tables, dessert tables and a bar.

5. Seating - ceremony/dining chairs or benches and lounge seating

6. Dinnerwear and glasswear

7. Linens and décor

8. Lighting

9. Power source or a generator

10. Portable kitchen

11. Portable restrooms

Wedding couple kissing under a tent at Red Umbrella Inn a Haliburton Wedding Venue

1. Tents

Usually the most frequently asked question I get is: "Where can I rent a tent?" Not all tents are created equal mind you. They come in lots of shapes and sizes, with features like side paneling, skylights and more. Of course the main reason for a tent is to keep everyone dry incase of rain. But a tent can be so much more than that. Think of a tent as a blank canvas to make you dream wedding come to life.

2. Aisle & Alter

Picture how you want to walk down the aisle - maybe it's barefoot down the grass to an alter of trees or down a satin aisle to a geometric alter. Have fun with this one. Alters can come in all shapes and sizes and can be matched with some personal flair. Regardless, the love of your life will be at the end of it!!

3. Dance Floor

Finish off your tent with a dance floor and party the night away. Whether in your tent or under the stars - you may want to consider a dance floor to prevent a mudslide at your dance party. Or maybe a mudslide is exactly what you're looking for.

4. Tables

Tables serve many different purposes through the day. From signing during the ceremony to holding a cake and desserts. Some tables can serve more than one purpose through the day. Consider the flow of the day. It will look different if you're having a sit down dinner or apps and cocktail hour. Spread tables throughout your venue to serve all the needs of you and your guests.

5. Seating

Chairs, benches, couches, stools, haybales - you don't need to be limited to folding chairs at weddings. Even with non-traditional sit down dinners and ceremonies, it's important to have seating. Maybe even add a lounge area with furniture you already have at home!

6. Dinnerware and Glassware

Rent whole kits of all the dinner and glassware you might possibly need. Keep in mind the food you'll be serving and have dishes and utensils for all the different options. Same goes with glasses - will you be serving fancy cocktails? coffee and tea? beer? - you may want a few different options. Paper or plastic may be a good choice for outdoor weddings and especially later into the evening if there are barefoot people afoot (pun intended :)).

7. Linens & Decor

Add a luxurious or personalized touch with linens and décor. Tablecloths, runners, napkins, seat covers and backdrops - linens come in all different sizes and price points. Other décor is the ultimate personal choice, so have fun with it! Many rental companies have different themes to choose from. You may want to checkout wedding buy and sell groups, craft and thrift stores or your home for a wide variety of personal touches.

8. Lighting

Is there anything that can set a mood better than lighting?? Set the stage for dinner and dancing and keep walkways, paths and other high traffic areas well lit for your guests. Renting or buying lights may be necessary, but see what you have on hand too.

9. Power source or generator

A little extra help from a handy family member or professional may be in order here. For lighting, sound equipment and any other electrics you may need for your day, you'll need a power source. Ensure you have the right equipment for you power needs so everything goes smoothly and you don't lose your music mid-dance.

10. Portable kitchen and bar

Oftentimes if you're having a professional take care of the food and beverages, your caterer will be prepared with the right equipment for the day. If you're taking a more hands-on approach a few extra items will be needed to keep food hot and fresh and beverages cold.

11. Portable restrooms

Well it must be said that this one is important and shouldn't be overlooked! Portable restrooms range from luxurious to fairly basic. Don't forget to add your special touches with some fancy soap, sanitizer and lotions, extra toiletries or needful things for your guests.

Rentals in the Haliburton Area

If you're taking on most of the work yourself or if you're hoping to have help from A-Z, I've put together a few of the companies in the Haliburton area to help make planning your wedding a breeze. Click on any of the rental companies below to head to their website: