August 6, 2022

Our Family Vacation – Prince Edward Island

I have to tell you about our amazing family vacation to Prince Edward Island. It was an incredible place, loved by the entire family.

Our trip started by taking the scenic route. A day to explore Quebec City and stretch our legs before crossing the bridge to the land of red dirt, Anne of Green Gables and Lobster suppers.

It was a scorcher of a heat wave. 30+ 35+ degrees every single day. So, we spent our days exploring the island and finding the best beaches, the hidden gems. Our rental cottage was the perfect spot, with the best view we found on the island. I’d wake up early and watch the herons fish in the bay, with the ocean expanse in the background. The peace and calm this place brought me was immeasurable. In the evenings we would make our way down the old wooden staircase, cross the tide waters and explore the beach peninsula. There we found all kinds of sea creatures – crabs, clams, periwinkles and jellyfish. The setting sun made it all a little more magical, if that’s even possible.

The most perfect beach days on repeat. Explore, eat ice cream, listen to Zombies soundtrack, find the best beach, swim, wash off the sand, eat the best fish and chips, play board games, sleep, repeat.

We spent the last leg of our trip with Grammi and Papa, where we found the best beach of all – Greenwich Beach at sunset, it was worth the hot hike, across the boardwalk and over the dunes. We had a picnic supper and played on the beach before eventually making our way back.

The heatwave broke and the first rain fell after 10 days fell as we started home. Until we meet again, I am left reminiscing and eager to go back again to this slice of heaven. 

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of my story of our family vacation to Prince Edward Island