Quiet mornings

June 5, 2022

Good Morning! This is my first blog post and I have no idea what I’m doing. We all have to start somewhere, so here I go. Welcome and good morning! I am excited to start my journey blogging, because I love to journal, and this is a great way to share some of my thoughts and creative ventures. I want to start blogging about the start of something, one of my favourite things: quiet mornings.

There’s a wonderful sense of calm in the early quiet mornings. An opportunity for some quiet contemplation and peace before the chaos of the day rushes in. When the lake is calm, the coffee is fresh (still hot!) and the kids are still quietly sleeping, this it my happy place. Some mornings I make my way to the lake, if it’s calm and quiet, that’s even better. Many mornings are spent in my chair, a chair which used to face into the room. One day I decided to turn it to face outdoors, and did that ever shift my perspective! I am closer to nature and can sit and journal, read or just enjoy the quiet, all while filling my creative energy up.

I work to set my intentions for my days. If I were good at this, I could hold the calm energies throughout the day, no matter the challenges. But this is a work in progress. So I try to wake up before everyone else and have some this time to myself and drink my wonderful, warm coffee…or at least a few sips


Danielle (she/her) is a Haliburton, Ontario wedding and family photographer experienced in candid, moment driven photography