Rainy-Day Wedding in Haliburton County

February 9, 2023

I’m sitting here today in the middle of February and watching the rain…no, not the snow…rain…in February…in Haliburton. There is one thing we have no control of, and that is the weather. As much as the forecaster likes to give us an idea, it is completely unpredictable! This got me reminiscing about warmer rainy-days, the kind you get married in and have your first dance in. Let me tell you about a rainy-day wedding that was one of my favourite weddings to photograph of all time. And it was the rainiest of all the weddings. It was my favourite for a few reasons. First, rain and overcast weather make for the most beautiful photos. Second, Grace and Kevin (the bride and groom) embraced the day fully, rain and all. Third, there was dancing in the rain!!!

One of the most frequent questions I hear is “What do we do if it rains on our wedding day?” I’m here to first ease your mind and tell you that rain on your wedding day is a good thing! Keep reading for some tips to make the most of your rainy-day wedding.

Bride under an umbrella on a rainy-day wedding in Haliburton County

Plan Ahead


Prepare as if there will be rain, and you won't be left scrambling on the big day.

A few important things to have include:

- Umbrellas (clear ones are nice but not necessary)

- A wedding tent (or two) or a big tarped area

- Towels


Put brooms in trees

Bride and Groom Wedding photography during a rainy-day wedding in Haliburton Ontario

What on earth are you talking about Danielle?! Well, if you're really wanting the rain to hold off why not try an old wives tale and see if that does the trick! Put brooms upside down in trees around the property and do a little sun dance!

Make your day flexible


Sometimes being flexible is your best bet. There are some times of that day that being out in the pouring rain may not work in your favour. The good news (usually) is that rain doesn't typically last all day and its possible to wait out heavy rain to do the ceremony or family portraits. If it's really not letting up have a back-up plan (ie a tent or a tarp) to keep everyone dry.

Bride and Groom Dancing in the rain on their rainy-day wedding in Haliburton County

Embrace the Rain


No matter the weather, your wedding day will be the best day! Embrace whatever weather mother nature has in store for you and share the stories of for years to come of dancing in the rain and splashing barefoot through the forest.


Dress for the weather

You may not want to be styled in plastic ponchos on your wedding day (although you may want to provide some for your guests. If you're thinking about embracing this weather and dancing in it - please do!!! - you may want a late night dress to change into so you're comfortable. Other things to consider are that shoes that may not work in puddles - but bare feet and rubber boots do! Wedding coats/shawls may help keep you warm if you're damp too.

Bride getting her dress done up on her wedding day in Haliburton, Ontario

Get the most incredible photos


Nothing beats the beautiful lighting that rainy-day weddings provide. It's magical and your wedding photographer will dress accordingly to not miss a moment rain and all. Take a look at Grace and Kevin's perfect rainy-day wedding to see what I'm talking about!